I came to this office because I have heard great things about it. I went in, got my eyes checked, and found out that I could find a solution to the headaches that I get daily. They had become part of my everyday life so I didn’t think too much about them. I got fitted for Neurolenses and I haven’t had my headaches like I used to. The staff that took care of me went above and beyond average customer service! They helped me decide on which pair of glasses fit ME rather than focusing on the price of the glasses that were being sold. If you need to find a good eyecare facility I recommend this office for sure! FYI Brandon is the best!

- Lexi D.

I love this office! I felt so welcomed when I came in. I had to bring my baby with me and everyone was so helpful when he cried and I had to do some tests. Brandon did my appointment and helped me check out a bunch of lenses and I felt like everyone gave me an honest opinion so that I could make a decision on one for me and feel confident about it. I received my NeuroLenses and have been wearing them consistently for over 6 months now. My headaches have decreased significantly and I have only had one migraine. I love my glasses and after a few weeks of wearing them went in to have my frames adjusted a little and there was no hesitation to help. They even cleaned my glasses. I’ve been very impressed with them and recommend them to anybody I can!

- Courtney C.

Dr. Hurley and his staff are thorough, friendly, and professional. They use very modern examination technology, and Dr. Hurley takes the time to carefully explain the results. Brandon helped us select our frames and was really great to work with! He was patient, knowledgeable, and supportive—he took the time to show us all of our options and encouraged us to try as many frames as we wanted. We sincerely thank Dr. Hurley, Brandon, and the rest of the staff at EyeCare of Rigby for the great experience!

- Chris B.

"Top notch care. Dr. Hurley and staff are excellent at what they do. I only had a 4 minutes wait. They were very kind and professional. I've worn glasses for over 25 years. I'm not sure why, maybe its lenses quality, but I see better than I ever have before through my prescription glasses. I'm soooo happy."

- Eric T.

"This is by far the best eye doctor around. Jason Hurley knows his business and his staff does a great job as well. Being able to see is so important. I have some issues with my eyes that other Doctors could not figure out. Dr. Hurley has been able to correct my vision and keep me seeing 20/20. I look forward to my visits in the future. You should do yourself a favor and make an appointment today."

- Grant L.

"Very fast service. The staff is all so kind and easy to talk to. I loved how quickly my exam went. Dr. Hurley is great to work with!"

- Shanelle B.

“I've been a patient of Dr. Hurley's for years. He shows the highest competence, professionalism, and personal touch when examining my eyes and explaining the benefits of various corrections or procedures. His staff is top notch and every bit as friendly and professional as he is. I can't recommend them enough.”

- Patrick B.

“I took my son there and it was a great experience. Dr. Hurley was very good on a child's level of explaining things to my son, then came out and explained the results to me as well. His office staff is very friendly and helpful. I was able to get an appointment in a timely manner. The glasses came in fast and the lady who helps you pick them out was very knowledgeable about what would work best for him. Would definitely recommend Dr. Hurley for adults and children.”

- Bethany N.