EyeCare of Rigby has
Cutting Edge Technology

to treat the symptoms of eye misalignment that cause headaches and eye strain.

Say GOODBYE to Headaches

“The Lenses are sharp and crisp which has taken away the stress from my eyes which use to cause extreme migraines. It has changed my life!”

Tillanye Rankin

“Headache free thanks to Neurolens! I had chronic headache suffering for many years. I tried just about everything to treat my headaches… I was beyond grateful to be introduced to Neurolenses and to learn that the source of my headaches were due to a misalignment in my vision. I have had my Neurolenses for over 3 years and have been headache free. I highly recommend this technology.”

Nicole thomas

Say GOODBYE to Double Vision

“I’ve now had my Neurolens glasses for about 10 days and I am very glad I got them. They are making an improvement on my life. My double-vision has vastly improved. It’s like 85% better. Maybe with time I’ll be able to make that a bigger number.”

S. Mesa

“Definitely helped relieve a lot of tension and strain on my eyes/head. 10/10 would recommend!”

Mckenna steel